Monday, January 08, 2007

Took my son bowling yesterday

Sorry I haven't written much lately. Will try to do better.

On Sunday I took Jacob bowling. Some Banquet tv dinners have a coupon for a free game of bowling on the package. They were on sale for .88 the other week at Food Lion. So for only .88 you get a free game of bowling, plus the meal. Only certain bowling alleys accept the coupons but the one near me does, so we are set.

So anyways the final score of the game was Me: 91 Jacob: 89. How sad is that? I mean I've had years and years of bowling experience over my 6 year old son who just stands at the line and drops the ball from waist height. Maybe I can blame my poor performance on my new used bowling shoes. I've had a pair of bowling shoes from the 70's that I've used forever. But now I can't find them, I know they will turn up eventually. Well anyways to rent bowling shoes is $3.99 - highway robbery! I was at a thrift a few weeks ago and found a pair in my size for $3 so I bought them. Maybe I just need a little more practice with them. I have a bunch more coupons to use before they expire at the end of May so I'll definitely be doing more bowling. You can only use one coupon per person per day so that's why we only bowling 1 game, and plus, Jacob starts to lose attention after 1 game. For some reason, they don't charge for kid shoe rentals, only adults.

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