Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shit Man was fixed today

Yesterday the kids didn't have school so I thought it would be fun to take Jacob to Annapolis for the day and go to the Chuck E. Cheese. I also wanted to check out a Children's Museum that is there. I saw from the museum's website that they had a special for January: if you brought in 3 empty baby food jars per person, you'd get free admission (normally $3 a person). So since baby food was .49 a jar, I spent approximately $3 on babyfood instead of paying $6 for admission. Annapolis, overall, is a pretty upscale town. The parking lots are full of Lexus's and BMW's. So I was expecting the children's museum to be something special. I was not impressed. It looked like a gutted rambler house that they filled with plastic germy yardsale toys. They did have some other things but I doubt we'll be going back.

I was hugely disappointed that the Annapolis kids also had the day off from school - and I think the majority were at Chuck E. Cheese. It was a zoo. Jacob didn't even want to stay - way too many people.

So since we definitely didn't fill up the afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese, we went to "our" museum in Solomons. Coming home around 5pm I passed this Antiques store sign and got a laugh (I'm easily amused). I passed it this morning and it was still the Shit man, but by this afternoon shit man had been fixed.

Went out to lunch with a friend today - ate at one of those Japanese places where they cook your meal right in front of you.

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