Friday, June 09, 2006

Got Free Sierra Mist at Food Lion grand opening

A new Food Lion grocery store opened up in our town earlier this week so I stopped in. While I'm glad I have a new store near to my house (3 miles away), there's another Food Lion that is 5 miles away. So that means they are ony 2 miles apart. I know in big metropolitan areas, having multiple grocery stores near each other is common, but geez, this is a pretty podunk area that I live in.

Anyhow at the store there was a display, "Free Samples Sierra Mist" and the Sierra Mist guy was stocking it up and told me to "help myself to as many as I would like". I questioned him what he meant by that and he reiterated that I could have as many as I want and that he had a lot to give away. He really seemed like he wanted people to take a lot. He commented something to the effect of the quicker he could give it away the better for him or something. So I helped myself. Do you remember that Sierra Mist commercial where the dog is laying in front of the air conditioner with it's legs spread? I think my dog Whiskey looks just like that dog.

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