Friday, June 02, 2006

Been spending money left and right

Well my son graduates from Kindergarten on Monday, so I've been spending this week doing a lot of thrift shopping and real store shopping. My son doesn't handle thrift shopping very well, so I don't thrift shop much during the summer (I still yardsale tho).

Got the AC fixed (service and diagnosis was $95 flat, I was expecting extra "labor" charges). Turns out our thermostat was bad so tonight I bought a new one on ebay.

I joined BJ's Warehouse again. Ok, I know I mentioned in a previous post that it was silly to join BJ's when they keep giving free shopping days. Ok, well they haven't done any free shopping days in a while and they sent me a free $10 off coupon on re-joining. I still hadn't planning on joining but then they sent me a save $20 coupon on re-joining. So I did re-join on June 1, so that means it will be good till the end of June 2007. So even though it's a years membership, I'll really get 13 months. Then I'll let it expire again. I've found that many companies really don't do anything for their long-term customers, they are more interested in getting "new" customers or pursuing former customers. Another example would be one of my newspaper subscriptions. They always have "deals" for new customers but the old customers get screwed regarding the rates. Sometimes it works out to be cheaper by letting subscriptions expire for a bit and then getting it again as a "new" customer.

When I was at BJ's, I did buy my husband his Father's Day gift, they have a huge bucket of David's Sunflower seeds for $19.99.

Found a rare Friday yardsale (moving sale) today. We don't have many Friday sales around here. Bought 5 bottles of stuff for the yard (Roundup, concentrated weed killer, gallon of deck cleaner and some other stuff), all for $2. I've found that when people have moving sales, they rarely want to pay to "move" household stuff like cleaners and they are usually *dirt* cheap.

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