Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yardsale Liquor - .25 each

At a yardsale yesterday I was digging thru a box of stuff marked ".25 each" and among the used McDonald's toys and baby rattles I found these two little mini bottles. Was hoping to find more but only found the two. I figured I was doing my good deed of the day by buying them - rather than some kid finding them.

Also at a yardsale I bought an old printer with 10 cartridges of ink - all for $10. I can recycle the printer at our local recycling center and then turn the 10 cartridges into Staples and get $30 worth of Staples coupons. (Bring in any inkjet cartridge to Staples and they give you a $3 coupon good towards anything in the store).

Well I know my website (and blog) gets fewer visits on the weekend soooooo I've decided to keep my Botox Donation Fund open if anyone still wants to donate to this worthy cause.

Did a couple of radio interviews in the past few days. Radio interviews make me nervous. One was on Friday for a Columbus Ohio radio station and the one today was one in Detroit and that one lasted about a half hour.


~Dawn said...

I would've been a little upset seeing those in there. Good idea to buy them and preempt any trouble for someone. Good going!

Chris said...

Well I didn't exactly buy them just out of the goodness of my heart...they won't go to waste!

Amanda said...

I bought 6 mini bottles of beer at a yard sale last Friday! I have them on Ebay. They have a couple watchers but no bids yet.