Sunday, May 28, 2006

There's a reason kitchen rhymes with bitchin'

It's Memorial Day weekend so I wasn't expecting many yardsales, but there were a bunch. I was the first person at one sale and bought a ton of stuff, including some Hallmark Maxine items. The seller told me that Hallmark no longer makes the Maxine stuff. Along with the magnet I bought - pictured above (I paid either .50 or a .25 for it) I bought a Maxine teakettle for $2 which I'll put on ebay and a Welcome mat for $1 which says "Welcome to my home. Don't touch anything." Probably keep that for myself.

Bought a new Elvis Presley Zippo lighter in a tin for $1, and ton of CDs for only .10 each. Nothing was marked at the sale so I kept loading up an armfull of stuff finding out the prices, paying and putting it in my car and going back for more. I picked up 3 CDs that I wanted (including Clay Aiken Measure of a Man). When she told me the CDs were .10 each, I had to restrain myself from jumping up and down. So I calmly paid, loaded up the car and went back for about 30 more CDs.

Took this pic yesterday, thought it was funny. I'll be putting a larger version of it on my website.

Oh I don't think I mentioned this but I did "splurge" the other week and became members of a local museum. Joined during a half priced membership day, so a years family membership was only $25. The museum is the Calvert Marine Museum It's a small museum but they have a few fish tanks and a kids room etc. One of the highlights of the museum is the Drum Point lighthouse which you can climb up into. The museum always has a few "free" days a year but I figured for $25, it would be nice just to stop in whenever we want and not pay anything. I plan on taking my son there a lot over the summer. Since becoming a member, we have gone once a week.

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Janet said...

I've only recently discovered your blog and am thoroughly enjoying all your finds. We don't have very good yard sales where I live now so I'm envious! I could barely believe CDs for ten cents!!! Lucky you.