Sunday, December 15, 2013

Money Article in All You Magazine

Back in July, I was interviewed for an in All You magazine. I remember the writer saying the article would not appear until sometime in the fall.  So since I have a subscription to All You (free with my coke rewards points), I've been checking every month but nothing.

But then just the other day,  the January 17, 2014 issue showed up in my mailbox with "How to Raise Cash in a Flash" article and knew that was it.

So I turn to the article and read the first page.  Nope, don't see yardsalequeen mentioned anywhere.

So I go to the second page and read thru that.  Still no yardsalequeen.

So I get to the final page and STILL NO YARDSALEQUEEN!  What's up with that???

Then I look again - why there it is!  Yippee!!! I found it - what do you mean you don't see it?  It's right there in black and white in -4 font size.

Just get your magnifying glass out.  I can't wait to count how many millions of people this will bring to the website.  

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