Sunday, October 21, 2012

World's Largest Garage Sale Review - Warrensburg NY

I usually visit my mom and family in upstate NY at least once during the summer. But this year it just didn't happen (summer just went by too fast!) - so when I saw that Southwest Air had a $98 roundtrip deal from Baltimore to Albany NY - I booked a long weekend for me and Jacob. Worked out well - we left on a Thursday night and came home on Monday. He missed just one day of school since there was no school on the Friday.

As luck would have it, it was the weekend of what is advertised as "The World's Largest Garage Sale" in the town of Warrensburg, NY - which is about a 30 minute drive from my sister's house. Official Website of the World's Largest Garage Sale

Did I buy stuff? Yes, yes I did. But only food and no bargains. I went with my sister, my niece and Jacob (who I have mentioned before is not a patient shopper). So I mainly went for the experience, not really expecting to find any real bargains. Plus it was drizzling and/or raining the entire time. But that didn't stop the crowds - not at all. I can't imagine how crazy crowded it would have been had it been a sunny day.

Will I ever go back to the World's Largest Yard Sale? Probably not. I do like finding bargains and it's easier to do that when you aren't in competition with loads of other shoppers. And I like not having to pay to park when I go to a garage sale.

Some pictures from the day

garage sale traffic jam (see the beginning of Adirondack mountains to the left)

The only place to park was in $10 parking lots

my shopping buddies

a stream of rainwater pouring off a tarp ceiling of one of the booths

a carwash was temporarily converted to a garage sale

We did some shopping at Oscar's Smokehouse.  Rachael Ray grew up in the Adirondacks and has a home nearby.

Garage Sale ATM

pretty house spotted

All kinds of food for sale

even saw people walking around eating onion blossoms - which I think is an odd food to eat while walking around and shopping.

garage sale crowds

there was some sort of garage sale bus, but we never found out what that was about.

So all in all, I think calling it the World's Largest Garage Sale is false advertising. Because to have a garage sale, you need a garage and there was no ginormous garage covering us all from the rain.

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