Saturday, April 16, 2011

Long delayed weekend update

Let's see, what's new and exciting in the life of YSQ?? Ummmm...let's see, I have some breaking news - I bought some stuff. Been going to some yardsales. Haven't bought a new car yet, so instead I just went and spent $250 on two new tires. Today was a very soggy day, but luckily there were two large indoor yardsales that I went to. Bought another Pulp Fiction Kangaroo for $2. After the yardsales today, I even went to a local hole in the wall bar called the Solomon's Island Tiki Bar. I've mentioned it before here on the blog a long time ago, it's a local bar that throws a big grand opening party every April. Thousands of people show up out of nowhere. And I think the ladies room only has 3 toilets.

As usual, I had my ulterior motives for stopping there today. Yesterday and today, if you signed up to be a designated driver, you're entered to win one of many cool prizes that they will give away on Monday. And just for signing up as a designated driver, I got a free Bud Light can koozie to keep my beer cold. I'm joking, I don't need to keep my beer cold (since I drink rum and coke). But honestly I was given a free Bud Light can koozie for being a designated driver. And I did actually walk thru the bar, but didn't recognize any drunk friends needing a ride home so I left since I did what I came to do (sign up to win prizes). And I stopped at their Tiki Tobacco shop and got some free empty cigar boxes. But it's really crappy weather today for their opening weekend. Here's some pics from today:

I missed seeing the Clydesdales. Oh well, I saw them the last time I went to Busch Gardens. I remember that trip, since I almost got bounced out of the free tasting room (even though typically I don't drink beer, I *will* occasionally choke it down if it's free).

Look for me in an upcoming issue of Woman's World Magazine The date on the cover should say May 2, but it will be out next week sometime I think. I was interviewed for a yardsale article a while back. I have no idea what I said in the phone interview. I hope they can edit it to make it sound like I'm not a total idiot. I've also been doing a few newspaper interviews - newspapers in Missouri, Virginia and North Carolina. I really should update my Media. Oh well, someday.

Here's a pic of some eggs I bought. Yes, they got wedged in the minivan's sliding door.

And there you have it - all the exciting news that's been happening lately.

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