Monday, January 10, 2011

So many deals, so little time (for blogging)

Well I guess I blew my own personal new years resolution to not go more than a few days without blogging. Oh well, there is always next year. I've been quite busy in the past week scoring a lot of good deals at CVS and Walgreens.

But here now for your viewing pleasure is the multi-phallic Christmas castle that I passed on buying while at a thrift store in NY after Christmas. Original thrift store price was $9.99. But when I saw it, it was marked 75% off so it would have been $2.50 had I felt the need to own it.

And also during my trip to NY, here is something I took from my childhood home, with my mom's permission. (It was still being used, so I bought and installed a generic .50 light switch replacement from Lowes.)

I remember this from my childhood and thinking how fancy and special it was. Now that I got it home and look at it all cleaned up and in good lighting, I see how cheap it is! LOL! It's made by Hartland Plastics. But I've never seen another one in all my travels and yardsales I've gone to. So even tho it's probably not valuable moneywise, I still like it and will find a place to use it here at the castle (which ironically, actually does look similar to the one picture above - haha).

And finally, I've discovered the reason behind my love of diet coke (and diet pepsi). As a child, it was given to me medicinally. Of course this bottle is still in the medicine cabinet at my mother's house. Why wouldn't it be, the bottle is only about 40 years old and still has some left in it. So now I won't feel guilty about chugging my endless bottles of diet coke and diet pepsi - I see it as basically a healthy beverage with medicinal qualities and I should drink even more.


Anonymous said...

looks like something at my 91 yr old dad's NJ house! actually, you may be able to rinse out the bottle and sell the empty on ebay as a collector's item. i found a vintage "Tame" creme rinse bottle at my dad's house, i'm guessing circa 1950 or 60....

love your blog.

EM said...

I've got a light switch plate like that at my house!

Anonymous said...

You can still buy Coke Syrup at our local pharmacy! I remember being given this, and giving it to my kids for nausea. Didn't work, but made them feel like at least you were trying! It cost a whole dollar last time I bought it!

Dede said...

Great blog! I am your newest follower :) Would love to have you follow me back...I am a yard sale/thrift store junkie myself ;)