Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Yardsale & Estate Sale buys from yesterday

here's the stuff I bought yesterday. Most stuff was bought at 2 yardsales - one was an estate sale where I filled up a vintage wooden crate and when I asked the price - they said $5 for all. In the video I forgot to mention that the black lunchbox was a freebie at the estate sale. And for $5 (for all) I bought the DVDS, the X-box 360 DVD player (it's been opened and the instruction manual is missing) and the hoodie sweater for myself.

The new Pier 1 birdfeeder was $3. The shelves were .50 each. Carpet slider toy .25

And I found the proof that I shopped at a mall while I was in Southern California:

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twins said...

Hey Chris...I am hoping you can help a little girl from your hometown of Clifton Park. She is in the running for the Pepsi Refresh Project. The voting ends today (Tue Aug 31) and if she wins she will receive the money for Hannah's Hope which is trying clinical trials her rare disease.
The web address is

Thanks for anything you and your loyal readers can do.

PS...Say your comment in the TimesUnion, sorry your idea didn't win..