Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Manager's Special - Pay regular price

Was at my local Giant grocery store today and saw this Manager's Special. Oh boy, what savings. Click on pic to enlarge.

Here's the story you've been waiting for. My snake on the foot story. Every evening before heading upstairs to bed, I peek out the window near the front door/foyer, just to make sure things are quiet in the 'hood. So the other night I was peeking, and I feel something moving on my nekkid foot. I turn on the light and there was a skinny snake making his (her) way thru a tiny hole in the weatherstripping on the bottom of the door. I freak out and alert DH. DH doesn't like snakes so I knew this snake better get outside on it's own since he will be no help and I won't be much either. DH comes half way down the stairs (ha!) and the snake goes back outside the way it came inside. We then stuffed a rag in the hole. Now I'm starting to suffer psychological trauma and am feeling things on me (not good things) that aren't really there. Maybe that *medication* I found a few months ago on the side of the road may help.

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Modesty is Pretty said...

oh Gosh how scary! I would be scared to death...and I was,I remember once when I was a little girl I was walking through a meadow and when I stepped I saw something curl around my foot! It was a small snake! I screamed and moved away quickly and the thing went away. Hope it doesn't come back!