Friday, December 01, 2006

$2 Longaberger basket, $2 Vera Bradley and free movie

I went to Smile both on Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday my buy of the day was a $2 Longaberger basket. It has a dark stain and is marked "Longaberger Handmade Series" on the bottom. It's a keeper. And yesterday I found a $2 Vera Bradley purse. I don't get the popularity of Vera Bradley purses at all. But I'm glad people are willing to overpay for them on ebay.

Also yesterday the Calvert Marine Museum was showing an indie documentary movie that I wanted to see (free admission to movie). So I went to that and afterwards noticed how pretty the lighthouse was decorated so I took some pics. My admission to the museum was free too since I'm a member. (Last May I bought a year family membership for $25 during a half priced day). I'm so used to going there with Jacob that it was weird to go alone. Weather was beautiful yesterday - I didn't adjust the color settings at all in the picture, that's exactly how it looked.

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Anonymous said...

How was your black friday shopping?