Sunday, August 06, 2006

Found condom wrapper at a yardsale - and more Super Nintendo

Luckily the condom wrapper and Super Nintendo were at different yardsales. I was at one big yardsale where they had tons of stuff everywhere but it all looked kinda junky and dirty. I peered into one box and in the corner was an empty condom wrapper. Ewww, while I was glad I didn't find the condom itself, seeing a wrapper mixed in with things for sale was kinda yucky. At a different sale, I came across a small box full of Super Nintendo stuff. It was only $2 for all of it. The seller said one of her friend's dropped off a bunch of stuff for her yardsale but hadn't priced anything so she was just making up prices. That's the best way to get a good deal since the seller has no money invested in it and no sentimental value attachment to it either to drive the price up.

It's kinda funny that I've been looking for a Super Nintendo every week since May and don't find any, and then boom, two weeks in a row I find them and at cheap prices. So now I am glad I have one to send to my Mother-in-law. My husband is testing it out now so I'm pretty sure it works.

Went to the mall today (I can't remember the last time I was there, but probably in the spring??). Our nearest real mall is 45 miles away. We do have regular shopping though nearby: Old Navy, Best Buy, Petco, Staples, Michael's, JC Penneys, Belk, Target, etc, but they are in shopping centers, not in a "mall".

I spent a whopping .50 at the mall, and that was in the arcade for Jacob to play a game. My husband did buy some stuff at Dick's Sporting goods (bought a golf bag that was on sale for half-off) and a book at Border's so we didn't drive that far for nothing. And we went to Chuck E. Cheese for Jacob to play games. We don't go to eat there, just play games. I have a ton of the Chuck E. Cheese tokens. I heard rumors that a CEC may be opening near us, so that would be great. We also went to Toys R Us and I bought two items. An inflatable pool slide (on clearance for $25, normally $50) and a Fly Wheel toy (normally $39, on clearance for $10). There were a lot of toys on clearance, I guess they're cleaning out summer and making room for Christmas stuff.

I had a $10 coupon for Toys R Us that I was able to use, so my total with tax came to $26. Then I used gift cards to pay the rest. Jacob gets Toys R Us gift cards occasionally from family and plus we have a Toys R Us Visa card that sends us $10 gift cards occasionally depending on how much we charge.

We pay off our credit cards every month so for us using credit cards is the smart thing to do.

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