Sunday, July 23, 2006

Ear Tubes Surgery - strip from the waist up!

I forgot to mention that I did have the tubes put in my ears last Thursday and I survived (and I even did some thrift shopping afterwards). I went to the part of the hospital for outpatient surgery and was led to a little room by a nurse and was told to strip from the waist up and to put a gown on. And I'm thinking, what the heck??? Is the Doc gonna throw in a complimentary breast exam? So a few minutes later a different nurse came in and I questioned the reason behind the bra removal and she told me to put it back on. And if that isn't bizarre enough, I wore my glasses thru the whole procedure. Heck, even when I get my hair cut I'm told to remove my eyeglasses, but surgery on your ear drums - it's ok to leave them on. LOL!

My ears felt a little funny the rest of the day, but now just a few days later, they feel fine. I just can't go underwater, scubadive (which is fine since I hate scubadiving), and be careful about getting water in them when I shower. And now that tubes are piercing my eardrums, I cannot "pop" my eardrums anymore. I go back on Friday for a check-up, (and probably a hearing test) so it will be interesting to see how the results compare. I know one thing is much better - the "crackling" sound I often had inside my ears is gone which is nice.


Susan said...

I've had several medical procedures where I thought it was weird also to strip from the waist up. When I asked - they said that it was in case there were any cardiac complications they could get to my heart quickly. These were all procedures where I needed to be somewhat sedated.

cslambert said...

Hi there, I will be having the "tubes in the ears" operation next week. I have a question, did they sedate you?
My Dr. thinks that he will be injecting me with some stuff to freeze the area!! This makes me very nervous. Help?