Thursday, March 16, 2006

March 16

Got some good bargains at my thrifts the past few days. Today I bought a little lightweight collapsible cart thingy (the wheels even fold down) for $1.50. Also bought myself a few tops at V V (it was a .30 day). I plan on going to a big indoor yardsale this Saturday so I plan on bringing it. And a bunch of other stuff.

I got a good bargain online the other week at We have a California King sized bed so buying sheets is always a challenge. Most brick and mortar stores only carry regular King sized sheets, not California King. Well the other week while looking on Amazon, I found brand new Cal. King sheets (300 thread count and they also flannel sheets) for only $14.99 a set. And if you spent over $25, shipping was free. Well at that price I couldn't resist and ended up buying 3 sets. I think a lot of people only think of Amazon for books and DVDs but they really have quite a selection of all kinds of stuff.


Lynne said...

hiya! great to see there are others as crazy as I am when it comes to yard saling! I live in Olney..not too far from you but not familiar with your thrift shops..I live around the corner from Montgmomery General Hospital's thrift shop which I stop by whenever I can!I also resell stuff in Frederick "Antique Station"where I rent two booths.My name is Lynne. Nice to meet you!

Anonymous said...

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