Sunday, January 22, 2006

went to an indoor yardsale yesterday

There was an indoor yardsale at a neighbhorhood clubhouse yesterday. There were lots of vendors. Some of the things I bought: $1 each sealed DVDs "The Terminal" and "The Edge", bottle of Bath & Body Works Purely Silk lotion $1 (price is $17.50 at the store), some Wade figurines at .10 each. Got a FREE bopper toy for my son - you know the 4' tall plastic inflatable thing where the kid punches it and it comes back up. Over Christmas when we were at my cousins, her son had one and my son loved it. Not only was it free, it was already blown up!


Nicky said...

Hi Chris, I'm always reading your blog but i've never left a comment. It's about time i left one. I also love shopping for bargains which is why your blog is so fun. I always look forward to reading your next post.

Chris said...

Hi Nicky - thanks for commenting. Its good to know people actually read this stuff!