Sunday, June 07, 2009

Yard Sales, Vegging, and Pizza

It poured all day on Friday. Rain like that puts a damper on those who were thinking of having a last minute/unadvertised yardsale on Sat. It was very cloudy and had cool temps (love it!) on Saturday and I know some people postponed/rescheduled their yard sales.

But there were still enough for me to get my "fix" in for the week. Overheard at one yard sale (shopper woman talking to her kids) " you kids want to stop at some more yard sales OR go home and clean house?"

Here's a little video of some of my buys. One of the yardsales I went to had one of our county's animal control van sitting in the driveway (so I assume they get to drive it home on the weekends). I went to their sale, but didn't buy anything. Ha - I showed them!!

Dang it! I keep forgetting to call Whiskey by his new name, Bob, or Bill or whatever I said I was going to change it to.

Then today DH went golfing to a further away golf course (rather than the local course) so...that means I vegged out all morning (and a lot of the afternoon) watching stuff I had taped on our DVR. I watched Juno and actually stayed awake. I notoriously fall asleep during movies. In the afternoon I took Jacob to an annual local event called Children's Day at the Farm at Jefferson Patterson Park It would be fun, if there weren't so many kids there.

On the way home I called and picked up a free Papa John's pizza for dinner. My frequent pizza eater card (or whatever they call it) had been fully stamped so that entitled me to a free large one topping pizza.

This is my last week to get some shopping done (since its the last week of school). When school is out, I don't hit my Walgreens every day (at least it seems like I'm there everyday) and I don't take Jacob thrifting. He is not a good shopper. BUT once summer camp starts in July, I'll be able to get some shopping in. Then school starts up again in August, so before you know it it will be back to school time.

I know I'll be doing some JC Penney's shopping this week sometime. A $10 off a $10 purchase coupon came in the mail the other day. (Like I said in a previous post, I have NO idea how or why I get these coupons. I don't even have a JC Penney's credit card).

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Jamie said...

I get the JCP $10 off $10 coupon too. I think it is because I occasionally buy things there . It's fine with me because I will use the coupon.