Friday, June 05, 2009

I love Walgreens!

I stopped at Smile today and didn't buy a thing. So I did the best next thing. I got a free $10 at Walgreens. Gotta love a store that will practically pay you to shop.

Ok, the deal is ridiculously good this week. They have Bayer Glucose Monitors on sale for $10. No I don't need one. But I can sell it at my next yardsale or I can donate it somewhere or ebay it or do whatever with it. A few weeks ago, there were coupons in the Sunday coupon packets that read "Save up to $30 on a Bayer Glucose Monitor". So the cashier uses the coupon and takes $10 off. Then the coupon machine (called a Catalina in the world of couponing) spits out a coupon to save $10 off my next shopping order.

So...I get a free glucose monitor PLUS $10 off my next shopping order. And I paid nothing out of pocket. Sweet! This was my second time taking advantage of this offer this week.

After Walgreens, I spotted a wet yardsale sign flopping in the wind. So I stopped to read it - and took of a pic of beautiful downtown Lusby. In case you don't know what that big box thing is, its an ancient relic called a phone booth. There is a telephone inside that you can use (after depositing coins) to make telephone calls when you are not in your house. Cellphones??? We don't need no stinkin cellphones here! We have phone booths!

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