Monday, June 22, 2009

My Google Ad

I'm trying something new today....I started a Google Ad Campaign. But I am not paying for it (I need to save my money for yardsale shopping!) I got a free $50 Google Ad credit thru my web hosting company. So I will just cancel it once the credit dwindles to $0.

When setting up the ad, you got to choose keywords that appeared in their categories. Under the Yardsale category "yard sale queen" was one of the choices. I thought that was funny - that Google Ads thinks highly enough of yard sale queen to put it as a potential keyword for others to use.

Don't worry...I am NOT going to have Google Ads running up and down the side of my blog or website. I know people make money doing that but I don't like the way it looks. I think it clutters up a website, and you know how much I hate clutter. haha.


Zakary said...

That is so fancy!

You are very important if you have a Google Ad.

All hail the queen of yard sales!

Chris at said...

Well I was super very important before my google ad, but now I am very much more importanter.

I almost put the All Hail the Queen in my ad and then considered Long Live the Queen, but instead I went with something boring.

I will liven up the ad (I think I can edit it)