Friday, June 26, 2009

Having a Yard Sale Tomorrow

I really do have junk in my trunk. My car is loaded up to have a yardsale tomorrow at the fairgrounds (which turns into a mini flea market on Saturdays, $10 rental spaces).

Today I was able to go to two rare Friday yardsales. Will post my buys later this weekend, I'm hoping to do some shopping tomorrow at the other vendors who have set up.

I felt like crap all day yesterday, so most of the loading up of the car happened today.

Well gotta run. Gotta get my Jackson 5 Victory Picture album listed on eBay (I bought it at a thrift back in the late '80's when I read that picture disks are collectible) Yes, I know some people think its morbid to sell souvenirs of the recently deceased, but you gotta strike while the iron is hot. And I look at this way, I am providing a souvenir/collectible that some Michael Jackson fan will cherish forever. (Rather than having it collect dust in my album collection where no one can see it).


Zakary said...

Good luck with the yardsale.

I hope you don't spend more than you make!

And I have the Thriller album that I am considering eBaying.

Chris at said...

Zak - I have the thriller album too...I would have thought that they'd be a dime a dozen on ebay, but they are selling pretty good.