Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yard Sale Beer - not my cup of tea

Here's a pic I took last weekend. The seller had vintage cans of beer for sale. I bought 0 yard sale beers. Beer is not my cup of tea. (I can't take credit for that line, my mom actually said that exact line few Sundays ago during our weekly phone call. It was during a typical call, where she was discussing in fine detail all the food and beverages that were available at a function she attended).

Week 1 of Jacob's summer vacation has ended. I managed to make one quick trip into Smile with him this week. Bought nothing. But then again, we were only there about 10 minutes...I need more time than that to browse and re-browse and make several loops around the store. Here's a pic of Jacob invading the personal space of a mannequin.

You can see a little of what my favorite thrift Smile looks like inside. It's so clean, and bright and nice....I just love it there. I always joke with the volunteers there that they should just put a cot in the backroom for me since I practically live there. I inquired about volunteering there a while ago, but the only time they had available was on Saturday mornings. Umm....I don't think so....I have other plans scheduled for Saturday mornings. So I just shop there and do my best to help out while I shop (collecting empty hangers off the racks when I find them, etc). Like the other week, someone had torn open a baggy of all these little thingamajigs that were going all over the place, so I gave it to a worker so that it could be re-bagged without making a bigger mess.

Did some yardsaling yesterday...nothing too great. Some yard sales were real duds yesterday. Will post my buys on Monday.

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Becky said...

I really miss Smile! I must brag that I now have over 7 (YES, SEVEN!)Thrift Stores in the small Missouri town I just moved to, but none have the excellent baby/toddler clothing or toy section Smile does. I bet you are happy to not hear me yelling at my Logan to stop messing with stuff. BTW, why do they put all that breakable stuff on either side of the line?