Saturday, June 13, 2009

Got my shopping fix satisfied (I hope)

School is out for the summer. I had to get my shopping fix in this week to last for a while. I don't go thrifting nearly as often during the summer. But of course I was at the yardsales this morning.

Also stopped at the grocery store this morning to get a prescription filled for DH. The other day I noticed he had a huge red rash on his back - where he said a tick had bit him a few weeks ago. So I'm like, you got Lyme disease. Ticks suck. The doc confirmed it and got a prescription for antibiotics. I remembered one of our grocery store pharmacies is offering free antibiotics so I took the script there for filling. (He would have gone himself yesterday after the dr's appt, but forgot since he had an afterwork get-together. He has priorities, you know.) As it turns out the pharmacy only gives out 2 weeks worth of free antibiotics and he needs three weeks. So I thought a while and figured I would cough up the extra $5 so he could get the full 3 weeks of medicine. I'm generous that way - I'm going to tell him it's his Father's Day gift. (Kidding aside, I bought him some stupid $200 golf GPS off ebay for his gift - it came in the mail today and he's already playing with it). And today at a yardsale I found a new Minnesota Vikings keychain for .25 that I will box up and wrap for Jacob to give to him next Sunday.

That's what I bought yesterday. $1 AirZooka, .50 puzzle, $1 Lacrosse goggles, $1 each - two wig stands for ebay, $2 grating cones that I think go to a Saladmaster grater. That is one brand name I always look for when shopping.

I haven't taken any pics of the stuff I bought today (maybe I'll edit this post tomorrow and add a pic then).

My most unusual buy today was a Southwest Airline coupon drink book for $2. So that means the next time I fly Southwest, I'll be consuming some adult beverages. I plan on flying Southwest this fall.

Oh, I forgot to mention, when I was at the grocery store, the local radio station was broadcasting live - and saying how they had all these giveaways etc. So...after weighing my options (free Kings Dominion tix, minor league baseball tix, movie tickets etc - I went with free Demolition Derby tickets. I think Jacob will like seeing the cars crash. Kings Dominion tickets would have been good too, but that would require more planning since KD is about a 2 hour drive away. And Jacob doesn't really like rides.


Anonymous said...

Where are you going on Southwest????? SusanC

Chris at said...

SusanC - i emailed you and told you my wonderful desination - haha.