Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Make Big Bucks at Your Next Yardsale

I guess I need to run to Wallyworld. On the All You magazine website there is fabulous article called Make Big Bucks at Your Next Yardsale Looks like a mighty fine piece of literature there. I want major big bucks at my next yardsale.

And I'll be back at Jacob's school next week, with the Whiskey dog (knock on wood that he keeps on ticking). There is going to be a show n tell for pets and Jacob is excited for me to bring Whiskey. Yep, you heard that right, I am bringing Whiskey to my son's school (I like saying that).

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The Savvy Blogger said...

Hi there! No one commented so I'll be the first. You are a lot like me, looking at yard sales and thrift stores. I'm in the western corner of TN and sometimes people give away things that I know I can turn around and use or make a profit on. E*bay is my favored spot. It's been rainy lately so it's been a no go for the past few weeks. I'm about to have a son, we are naming him Jacob. Something else we have in common!