Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Chick-fil-a Bargain

I got a call yesterday from our local Chick-fil-a saying that I won a food tray (they have a fishbowl thing to drop your business card into). The woman was adamant that the tray had to be picked up before 10:30 and that I needed to pick it up this week. So I figured I'd get it today, but the 10:30 seemed pretty early. Well duh...as it turned out, I won a breakfast tray (chicken mini's), so now the breakfast hour thing makes sense.

Speaking of Chick-fil-a, Cow Appreciation Day 2009 is coming up soon.

Speaking of furry animals, the Whiskey Dog is not doing well. :(


Shara said...

Oh Chris, thinking of you and the Whiskey Dog. Bless his heart.

Zakary said...

Congrats on the Chicken Minis.

Fingers crossed for Whiskey.

Kate Spike and Her KatS said...

I was thinking how jealous I was about you winning all that Chick-Fil-A goodness, but then you said your pup wasn't feeling well and that made me sad. All the "kids" at my house wish him a speedy recovery from whatever's ailing him!

PocketChange said...

Love anything from Chik-Fil-A, even if it's breakfast!
PS You could have called me, and I would have come down to help you.