Monday, June 01, 2009

Chinese Jump Rope Queen (and my yardsale buys)

I volunteered at my son's school today for their field day. There were like 18 different stations of games for the kids to play. I was in charge of the Chinese jump rope. I had no idea kids still played this. I was given about 10 seconds of instructions ("The kids already know how to do this, just collect the jump ropes at the end of each 7 minute session"). The gym teacher started the field day with a blast of the air horn and I got my first group of kids. The teacher says "kids listen up - this lady is going to give us our instructions on how to do this". Ohhhhhh crap.

Thankfully, the kids did know how to do it but I think it ranks up there in being the longest 2 hours of my life.

Here's what I bought last Saturday. I know I left a few things out. One thing I know I left out was a pair of mother-of-pearl "snap-link" cuff links that were .50

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Anonymous said...

Good job!

We must have been seperated at birth. :) I am bigtime into the couponing and G-sales thing here on the West coast.