Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More on the Queen's Foundation

I got an email from Jan in England - she sent me a link to the Queen's Foundation. She was concerned that the email I received the other day was bogus. Very sweet of her to be concerned for me. For the record though, George Wallect didn't need my credit card info - giving credit card info to a stranger would be stupid. All he wanted was my bank account routing # and my mother's maiden name. I mean, really, he would need that anyway to electronically transfer the money.

In visiting the Queen's Foundation website, I learned ironically that they run a chain of second hand stores in England to help the disabled. They must be doing well if they can afford to send me $500,000! I think once I get the money, I will just donate it back to them (less my processing fees, of course) to open more stores. The world can always use more thrift stores. Here is the legitmate info on the Queen's Foundation thrift stores and their locations - Queen's Foundation Thrift Stores

It would probably remind me of the Vintage Value stores that I shop at - they employ disabled people and use it as a job training facility.

Well it was a busy weekend and I still have more to report - more about the yardsale I had on Saturday at the fairgrounds, more Dierks Bentley pics and maybe talk about the 6 hours I spent painting our fence. The fence painting sounds exciting doesn't it?

p.s. I think the $4 Bjorndal sandals I bought the other day are going to be my "going out the mailbox" wearing shoes. I wore them the other day and not very comfortable. I will try them again and see if they just need to be broken in more. I think their name is supposed to fool people into thinking they are made by some of fancy Swedish company, but in fact, probably just made in China.

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