Friday, May 16, 2008

A few buys from this week - early Christmas presents

Man, I wish I had found these items last month - they could have been Mother's Day gifts! But now I gotta save them until Christmas. The thing on the left is a $2 religious dust collector. My mom sorta collects religious stuff that looks like this. Or maybe it was that she had ONE item like this at one time and I took it upon myself to buy her more since I never know what to buy her. But I think she will like it since it's egg shaped and she's 100% Ukrainian.

And my mom is a big Food TV fan and she had other Paula Deen books. This one was a $1. (My sister met Paula Deen at the Nashville airport a few years back and said she was as nice as she seems on tv. My sister ran into the airport gift store and bought a copy of Paula's magazine and got it autographed).

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becky said...

i love the egg!! it looks like ones i bought in ukraine in '05 -- so it might be a "real" ukrainian one!