Saturday, May 17, 2008

I found Whiskey's long lost relative today at a yardsale

Ok, so it's Saturday and I was at some yardsales earlier today. Big surprise there. But the most interesting thing was seeing a dog that looks like my Whiskey dog. Once in a while, on a tv commercial or something, I'll spot a dog that sort of resembles Whiskey but never in real life have a seen a dog that looks so much like him. I guess when you have a purebreed dog you think nothing of seeing dogs that look like your dog. Like if you have a pug, then all the other pugs look sorta like your own pug etc.

Ok, so here is the Whiskey imposter (I had to take a picture - the woman was carrying him around like a baby (maybe she didn't have a leash - they were visiting next door to the yardsale and stopped over to shop).

And here is the real authentic Whiskey. His hair in this pic looks smooth because he had gotten shaved and it was still growing out - otherwise his hair would look exactly like the wiry-haired Whiskey imposter.

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