Sunday, May 18, 2008

Here are some of my buys from yesterday

$1 each - Closetmaid door space racks (was marked $2 each, I offered $1 ea)
$2 - big bead tower thing - has a gazillion beads in it.
$2 Barbie case
$1 old milk bottle
.50 - green depression glass ashtray
.50 vintage troll
$1 baby einstein DVD
.25 - REM cd
$1 Berlin Wall souvenir
.10 homer laughlin mug
free - Just Married car sign
.50 Bath & Body Works car deodorizer
.10 1983 Bandaid tin with someone's little homemade first aid kit inside (will toss the insides and just keep the vintage-y tin)
.25 - jewelry box
.50 - 1966 Civil Defense family survival book

Some stuff to keep, some for resale at my next yardsale and some for ebay. Not in pic, two jackets for Jacob (one for .25, and an LL Bean one for $1)


Goobian said...

Very cool! I love the Barbie case! When I was 8 my family and I went to europe the summer of '89. We went to the Berlin wall and my Granddad paid to take a chisel and chisel some of that wall off. They still have the pieces and hopefully I will inherit it when they die because I vividly remember that. I didn't get it at the time but I feel really happy to have experienced that.

Anonymous said...

Homer Laughlin? Cool - just learned the name - would love to have it randomly come up at a garage sale.