Thursday, May 08, 2008

I am in need of an adult beverage.

Jacob had a dentist appointment today. One that I had been dreading. Well at least it's over. He had 4 sealants put on molars and they used laughing gas to help relax him. Well today I found out that he is one of the type of kids that laughing gas has no effect on. He kicked, fought and cried. At one point there were 4 hygenists in the room plus the dentist (and me). A few of the hygenists were just for keeping him immobile. My sister used a pediatric dentist who would "papoose" the difficult kids - basically put them in some sort of straight jacket and velcro them to the chair so they couldn't move. Jacob's dentist doesn't do any of that. She is really great - she makes me feel like she sees kicking and screaming every day and what Jacob does is typical. Hard to believe it was all done in about 20 minutes.

I managed to snap a pic on my cellphone. (I edited the pic for privacy.)

My other goal for the day was to get a Mother's Day card in the mail to my mom. I knew if I didn't send it today, it wouldn't get to NY in time. The past few days I looked and looked at various places for an appropriate card and couldn't find one. We are not the kind of family who sends sentimental mushy cards. I try to find a Mother's Day card that either revolves around liquor, gambling or having to pee. (The best card I sent a few years ago said "Cheers! It's Mother's Day! Not exactly a drinking holiday, but why not?")

But I was having trouble this year finding a good card. It seems that this year Hallmark is trying to cram $4.99 musical or record-a-message type cards down the everyone's throat. So...with all the space that those big $4.99 mushy cards take up, there was less space for a good selection of sarcastic or funny mother's day cards.

I ended up going to a small independent pharmacy and found this $2.29 card - which will do. (I took a pic with my cellphone before I mailed it off).

On the inside it said "That's how we remember it"

After I dropped Jacob off at school, and after mailing the card at the P.O., I stopped at Smile and saw this neat old banana seat bike (for $10). I didn't buy it but thought it looked cool. Of course I am too young to remember when those style bikes were popular ;)

Coming tomorrow on the blog - a project using old bowling balls (like the ones you find dirt cheap at yardsales).

p.s. Now is the time to buy some Forever stamps (at .41 each). The cost of a stamp goes up to .42 next week. So might as well buy some at .41 this week (assuming you mail stuff occasionally).


Kimberly said...

Looking forward to the bowling ball post! My brother asked the local bowling alley if he could have all the pins and balls they were getting ready to throw away .. In turn my mom has a house full of balls and pins and was trying to think of something crafty and clever to do with them... so can't wait to hear your ideas...

ByzantineX said...


I came across your primary website, looking for informational websites relating to garage sales.

I am trying to start a local small business that would buy out garage sales, eliminating people's hassle and headaches, then re-sell the merchandise through other venues.

I would really appreciate it if you could email me at to have a conversation with you about this and what your thoughts are.

Thank You and I can't wait to get your email!

Chris said...

Byzantinex - do you really think I want people to have fewer garage sales and yardsales???

But I could see where it could come in handy for the people who for one reason or another are unable to have their own sale.

Anonymous said...

I clicked on over from Blissfully Domestic-The Nester had featured you some time ago. I noticed you were from Lusby. My sister-in-law is from there also. Most people I ask about Lusby have never heard of it before. Elise
athomeelise (at) yahoo (dot) com

Anonymous said...

just say no to mushy cards!