Monday, May 05, 2008

Dierks Bentley Concert later this month in Solomons, Maryland

I am volunteering my time later this month at the local museum. I get such a sense of accomplishment doing volunteer work in the community. I will be a volunteer bartender. Yes, an important and needed duty. I will help to quench the parched throats of concert goers by serving them beer, wine, soda and water. (Bartenders do not receive tips - all tips go to the museum for their educational programs etc). The local museum hosts a few concerts during the year as a way to make money. And selling beverages at the concert is another way they make money for their programs. The next concert is Dierks Bentley (country music if you are not familiar with the name). I am not sure who is the opening act. Bucky Covington (from American Idol) has opened for some of Dierk's shows, but not this one. I like Bucky and would have liked to have seen him.

So anyway, I've been listening to some Dierks Bentley music to get more familiar with it. And believe me, I don't mind looking at the Dierk's promo posters that all the local businesses have plastered in their windows. Not bad to look at at all. See if you agree with my is one of his videos.

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