Friday, May 30, 2008

CNN story on yardsales

When I last posted on the blog, the CNN interview was scheduled for Thursday morning but it got changed to today. So that meant I had a full day to clean, attempt to hide clutter and get nervous.

Now its all out of my hands - I just hope I don't come across looking like a total idiot (I don't mind looking like a partial idiot, but looking like a total idiot would be too much).

They worked fast (the reporter and cameraman) - I think they were here less than an hour and that included scoping out where to do the interview, setting up the camera and lighting, doing the interview and then breaking down all the equipment.

I only took two pics when they were here. I sat in the director's type chair (purchased for $5 years ago at a yardsale) and the reporter sat with her back to the camera. Here's the better of the two:

I don't know when the story will run but the reporter will let me know. Looking back on it, I should have answered every question with "Well on my website yardsalequeen dot com, I tell people they should yadda yadda". But I didn't. Heck, not even sure if will be mentioned. But....once it airs I'll have a new category of Media to add to my Media page


Anonymous said...

wow, i never saw your media page, but that's very cool. you're like everywhere! congrats

Anonymous said...

Queen, that's great! I can't wait to see your national debut:)

Bob Wall said...

lol, its like living entirely on garage sale =D