Sunday, May 18, 2008

Did a radio interview today - Detroit

I did a radio interview today at noon for a Detroit based radio show - Rick Bloom Show It was scheduled a few weeks ago and last week I told my husband "On Sunday you and Jacob are going somewhere. I don't care where, just get out of the house so I can do the radio interview in peace". He said ok. So on Friday, what does he tell me? "I'm going golfing on Sunday, I have a 10am tee-time with the guys". GRRRRRRRR. So I remind him about our conversation last week. It did no good, he was going golfing.

This same sorta thing happened a while ago. I had a radio interview scheduled and at the last minute my husband got called into work (some minor *thing* at the nuke plant was going on and he needed to be there.) Geez, where are his priorities??? So what if the nuclear power plant needs him, doesn't he realize I have important yardsale words of wisdom to spread to the world via radio and he has to watch Jacob? Well that time, I locked myself in our bedroom and did the interview with Jacob BANGING on the door - MOMMY let me in - MOMMY LET ME IN! Over and over again. It was awful. So that was what I was fearing would happen again today.

Jacob can occupy himself for hours on end, watching videos, playing computer, playing outside, but he has a sixth sense about when there are times that I cannot give him attention and its at those moments he wants to hang all over me and not leave me alone.

So for today, here's what I did. I know that I did was wasteful (wasting water) but hopefully I won't have to do it again. The interview was at noon. I put out some toys he hadn't played with in a while and he busied himself in his room from 11:30am to 11:55 (of course). Then he came looking for me. Crap. I told him I was going to take a shower and for him to go downstairs. I turned the shower on cold - and low water - and turned the bathroom fan on and left the bathroom (locking the door behind me). Then I snuck into my bedroom, locked the door and did the interview with no disruptions. Jacob thought I was taking an extra long shower and I was able to do my interview in peace.

ps. I found that there is a Salvation Army on Bermuda I am so there.


michgc said...

That is so funny! If it were my kids, they'd be banging on the bathroom door looking for me. BTW, with all of the rain we've been having, I think it's okay to waste a little water for a good cause.

Anonymous said...

That's so cool that they have a SA in can buy all your souvenirs there!

etandad said...

Are you sure Jacob and my son aren't related? Either that or they are in cohorts to find a way to make sure mom is never allowed any phone time, lol.