Saturday, May 03, 2008

I love storage.

I love storage. I used have an ordinary, normal attitude toward storage, but now I love it. Anything that makes my *stuff* more organized so that I can go out and buy more stuff at yardsales makes me happy. The way I am going, an intervention with Dr. Phil in attendance may be sooner than I think.

Today I bought two CD/DVD Sauder bookcases at a yardsale (both for $25). I justify it since they utilize space better and hold more than our old VHS bookcases. The seller had them marked $20 each but I asked if they would take $20 for both - they counter-offered at $25. This month I am going to have another yardsale so I will try to sell the old ones then. One is for holding our overflow of CDs (we have a different bookcase for the majority of our CDs) and the other went into Jacob's room.

Here are some "before" and "after" pics of Jacob's room:

And for our CD overflow:

It's hard to believe but it's the exact same # of CDs that are in the top old bookcase are now in the new bottom bookcase. But with the new bookcase, there is so much more room to add more.

And for me I bought this little trinket. I bitch belt buckle. Surprisingly, I didn't already have one. It was $1. Color looks a little weird since I took the pic without the flash. It's silver colored. Not sure what I will do with it.

My other buys for today included 3 packages of Axo Earl Grey tea (in cellophane) for $1 for all. For DH. I don't drink tea in any form or flavor. I also bought him a nice new Minnesota Vikings mug for a quarter - will put away for Father's Day - as a gift from Jacob.

I didn't really buy much today. I have high hopes for next Saturday. One of my favorite church's is having their annual sale. It starts at 6:30 a.m.

On a sad note, I am losing two area religion-based thrifts. They aren't thrifts that I would shop religiously at (haha) since they were both about 15 miles away (in opposite directions) but I would always try to stop if I was in their area. One is the Catholic Charities thrift (Faithfully Frugal) and the other is Beth's Reruns (a Jewish thrift). Both are closing within weeks.

What really makes me sad is that the Faithfully Frugal store is the store that I bought the Benjamin Moore Aura paint at (for $3). So now I am not sure where the paint store will donate the paint to.


Kimberly said...

I like the CD shelf.. I need on of those also!

ocdgirl2000 said...

I love that clock on the wall! The shelving looks good, what are you going to do with the previous shelves? That buckle is perfect to wear to the Church Bazaars!LOL!

Anonymous said...

You will need to call the paint store and ask where they will donate paint from now on!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking the same thing about the paint store!!! :)
The beyotch buckle is a great one-- do you wear belts tho?? Perhaps you could transform it into a nice big pin for your shirt/pocketbook/coat and like OCD said wear to all yard sales-- gives you the right to be first everywhere!! :)

I also love that clock!!