Monday, June 21, 2010

Yard Sale Finds & Buys

So there's the rest of what I bought on Saturday. At one sale where everything was "make an offer" (oh how I hate that), I picked up the OJ Simpson matryoshka (nesting) dolls and the Flying Pig Brown Bag cookie mold and I offered $5 for both and the seller accepted. He said he bought the nesting dolls in Russia.

.50 each - bunches of Wiggles DVDs plus a .50 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (which we apparently already own)
.50 - $1 - various car products. In the youtube video, I mentioned Rain-X and I'll just mention it again here, it's an awesome product.
$1 nuke shirt
$1 - goat soap for dogs. It will be a gift for a niece with a dog. I gave the same niece goat soap for humans last Christmas (that I had gotten free, of course). Ummm... I hope she doesn't read this blog. (But if you do read this Chrissy, just pretend to be surprised next Christmas when you open it)

.50 vintage flower books. smell musty but they had a lot of neat pics inside. Will clean and stick outside in the sun.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, when I show a picture of what I think is the World's Smallest Yardsale Sign. I was going to call Guinness to report it, but got lazy.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

O.L Simpson nesting dolls?!?!?!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

O.J. sheesh!

ZDub said...

Those nesting dolls have to be worth something, I think those are a total score.

Lreynolds said...

Just love your post! I too be those nesting dolls are worth something

EM said...

The whole idea of OJ nesting dolls is...just...well...mind-blowing...