Thursday, June 10, 2010

Best things in life are free kitsch & free socks

Yesterday I stopped at a thrift that I normally don't shop at (since they are only open like 7 hours a week) and found this fine piece of artwork. When I asked how much (nothing is priced in that store), I was told I could have it for free. Why a store would just give away valuable artifacts, I don't understand, but don't question it. It's like a shell inspired set of conjoined twins. Who wouldn't pay good money for that? The woman is missing something that was on top her shell hat, so I will have to see if I can find a suitable replacement.

And I stopped at Penneys to use my $10 coupon that came in the mail last week. Bought a $10 pair of socks for 0. Jacob's feet area almost as big as mine, so now he and I can wear the same socks.

And today I did some grocery shopping. Just bought a few essentials. Like salsa and soda. Should last me a few days. 2-liters were on sale for $1 and with my scanning gun, I got an additional virtual coupon for .25 off per 2-liter. So I just paid .75 for each. So I loaded up. My grocery store has spoiled me with the use of scanning guns. Now it feels weird to walk into a grocery store and not scan my groceries as I shop. Another benefit (besides virtual coupons) is that there's no more having to load your groceries onto the conveyor belt, that just seems so antiquated now. You just scan the item you want, put it in a bag in your cart and repeat. Then just zap the cash register with the scanner gun to pay, or hand the scanner gun to a live cashier and pay. There are random audits to deter shoplifting. Here's someone's bloggy post that describes it and shows pics: Scanner Guns at Giant


ZDub said...

You scan as you go?! You are grocery shopping in the future!

We need a Giant ASAP.

Lreynolds said...

WOW I like the idea of scanning as you go. Hope that technology gets to kentucky soon.