Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flea Market Closed for Father's Day - huh?? I heart nuclear power

For at least a month or more, I've been seeing an ad in the local rag for a new flea market in the next county over. In all the ads, its says Sundays thru October 31. Except this week they changed their ad to read that it would be closed today in observance of Father's Day. I mean, really. Where are people now expected to buy their last minute Father's Day gifts??? I don't get it. I totally understand that people of course should make a big deal out of Mother's Day (extravagant and expensive gifts, breakfast in bed, spa days, parades, yadda yadda) but don't Dads just get a tie (or similar) and get to fart and watch sports all day long for it to be a good Father's Day? Or perhaps that's just how it is here at the castle.


With yesterday being Saturday, I did find a few things to buy at the yardsales. I don't have a pic of the entire stash of loot yet, but here is one of my favorite buys. It was $1.

Before I get inundated with emails, I want you all to know, I do not know where you can order one for yourself, so please don't ask. I know you are probably gonna be jealous of me for having it, but you will have to find your own beautiful nuclear energy t-shirt.

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