Friday, June 25, 2010

Calvert High School Class of 2010 has done gradutioned

The other night I passed one of the local high schools and took this picture. They are doing some construction work to the school. I'm guessing they are adding on some much needed English classrooms.

And here are some other pictures taken from earlier in the week, when Jacob and I had our one-night getaway.

In the evening we walked down to a park.

I accidentally took this picture, but I think the weird angle is neat. The soda is ours of course.

The best thing about going away is that Jacob is able to use the computer in a different location - haha.

I'm pretty impressed with my ability to clutter up a room in less than 24 hours. What can I say, it's a skill I've perfected.


Anonymous said...

Were you able to hit up some yardsales on your getaway?

Why so many bags?

Chris at said...

Well we spent Tuesday night away, so no yardsales. I did hit one thrift store on the way home.

one bag - blue handles - is my beach/pool bag. One black bag had our clothes (I didn't use a regular suitcase for one night). The pink peace sign bag has all my various health & body products. The big black thing is my purse. The smaller thing is a cooler. All vital stuff I need.

Chris at said...

oh yeah, and the bag that holds the laptop.

ZDub said...

Well done with the room, we do that too. You know, so it will look like home. :)