Sunday, June 13, 2010

So many yardsales, so little time

I had to be somewhere at 10am yesterday so I had to get my yardsaling in early and it was difficult because there were a ton. Will blog about my buys later.

This is the last week of school for Jacob. He will get one week "off" before starting summer day camp. This will be his third year of camp and he really likes it. And one day next week when he is off, he and I will have a mini-getaway and go spend a night at the Chesapeake Beach Resort & Spa. I got a special promo deal for $31 a night. So why not. It's not free, but close enough. Jacob loves staying in hotels and it's just a short (25 mile) drive away.

I got a deal the other day on gas, paying $2.32 a gallon (was $2.62). I had gotten a .30 discount per gallon because of the gasoline discount program at Giant Food I go there a lot but my shopping trips are always small, most under $30. But I noticed on my receipt that something I bought previously generated a bonus .20 off per gallon, therefore I was up to getting .30 off a gallon. I wish I knew was triggered the discount but it's impossible to tell after the fact. So of course I waited until my tank was empty (and before the points expired) to fill up.

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