Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I was blissfully ignorant

I made the above video yesterday morning. In it, I said how I planned on taking the two used inkjet cartridges to Staples to get a $6 credit (basically making a $5 "profit".) Oh how blissfully ignorant I was. When I took other cartridges I already had to Staples yesterday afternoon for recycling, I got the horrible news that starting July 1, Staples will only be giving a $2 credit per cartridge. So my $5 profit I was to make on the printer ink, has turned into $3 profit. boo hoo for me.

Here's the lowdown on what I bought:

$1 each - two sets of wall shadowboxes
$1 printer
.25 each Happy Family barbie outfits
$2 vintage look (not real vintage) clock
.50 each - new picture frames. kicking myself that I didn't buy bunches more for teacher gifts for next Christmas
$2 vintage Hazel Atlas green bowl
$2 PSP Spongebob game for Jacob
$1 each - two Levolor room darkening shades
.25 travel Simon game
$1 box of greeting cards (new)
$4 set of 9 vintage Smurf glasses. A new Smurf movie is coming out soon, so even those these are collectible, the movie may make them more collectible
.50 - "Grandchildren are the reward you get for not strangling your teenagers" sign
$2 Harajuku Lovers (a Gwen Stefani brand) purse identical to this one:

Here is the Hazel Atlas bowl glowing under a black light:


Modesty is Pretty said...

OH MY GOSH! Those Barbie clothes are fantastic, not only because of what they are worth but because I always loved dolls and barbies as a little girl...maybe I still do =P but I'm too old to play with dolls.

Amanda said...

Great buys I think I've heard the green glass referred to as Vaseline glass.

Anonymous said...

on i am hoping those barbie outfits go on your ebay page!!

i actually have the dolls to go with it and we are expecting a baby girl on 11/3 would love to get those