Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Snake on my foot!

just a quick note (still busy today doing ebay listings, check out my awesome auctions at Yardsalequeen.com Auctions.) Well anyway last night I felt something move on my foot - and I look down and it's a black snake. Major ACCKKKKKKK. It had gotten thru a small 1/4" gap in the front door. I get my DH, who is NO help when it comes to anything snake related. He says he doesn't like snakes. Well geez, neither do I. And especially don't like them in the house. More later. Snake lovers, don't worry, he/she is safe and sound outdoors where it belongs.


Kimberly said...

Ack indeed! .. I would freak.

Anonymous said...

Two snakes in one week! I would surely have died from fright. You are brave Chris! Susan C.

ZDub said...

I. Would. Have. DIED.



Anonymous said...

I ran into a gartner snake, about 2 feet long while mowing lawn last week. Just let him slither away and haven't seen him since.

We have lots of toads here also that we run across while mowing. We let them hop away and be on their merry way.