Wednesday, June 09, 2010

June Junk, Swimming pool Caddyshack style, lost purse

Here's some of the stuff I bought last Saturday. And its not all of it, I accidentally left some things out. Like a bunch of Dr. Who VHS at 5 for $1. My brother is a Dr. Who fanatic but these may go up on ebay. I think my brother has taped every Dr. Who episode anyway on his bazillion VHS tapes. If you don't know who Dr. Who is, don't worry, you aren't missing anything. Please Dr. Who fans, don't send hate mail, it's just my opinion.

$1 ammo box
.50 ginormous pen
$2 - American Junk book, pewter figurine and the "J"
$1 like new sneakers
books - free
.10 each craft packages
.10 each body mud
$5 speak n spells, rotary phone & a scrabble game
$1 each vintage Comella Cocoa drink melmac like ashtrays
$2 magnifying glass
$1 - stack of vintage European 45's

video if you want to see stuff closeup.

Last night, with DH being out of town on business, Jacob and I went to the grand opening of the only public indoor pool in the county. It was free admission yesterday only so it was like the scene out of Caddyshack (minus the BabyRuth) where the caddys got to use the country club swimming pool. This pic was taken on the quieter side of the pool and by this time a lot of people had left). Then I discovered they had a separate smaller adult/geriatric pool which I enjoyed. A kid could use it as long as they were with an adult, so that worked out good for me and Jacob. And then there is a 3rd pool, which is for young kids with the buckets that fill up and pour water, slides, etc.

Then afterward we stopped at Walmart (cuz I refuse to pay $2.99 for a loaf of kid's Wonder bread at the regular grocery store - I'd rather pay $2.24 at Walmart.) Anyhow as we left the store, I saw a shopping cart in the parking lot with a purse sitting in it. I waited a bit, expecting someone to come running up, but when no one did, I took it into the store. Then had to wait forever to talk to a customer service clerk. Long story short, the woman came back when I was leaving the store for the second time and she was able to thank me. So I'm glad I got to find out that she got her purse. I can't imagine losing my purse. I would be sick.

Anyhow, the last few days with DH gone, I've really let the house go. Worse than normal. Oye. Gotta go and get my ducks in a row.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Love all your treasures!! I got some good ones too last Saturday.

You are a doll for returning her purse. I would not want to lose mine either!

mrs. fisher's findings said...

I loved speak and spell when I was a kid! That was a great find!

Jennifer said...

Not long ago I was in my local walmart, and a lady's purse was stolen right off her cart when she turned her back, it was an elderly lady and she was so upset. They found the purse, minus her money and cards, in the pet aisle, but what a horrible thing to do..

Dude ! said...

Those "Speak N Spells" and the Powder Blue Princess phone can make you some nice bucks on Ebay. I sold a Speak N Spell for $30 recently. The phone could do even better.

I am jealous of the quality yard sales you have in your town!