Friday, June 11, 2010

What $1.02 will buy

Went to CVS today to use a "save $5 off a $15 purchase" coupon I had. So I got 3 things that did add up to over $15. But then after my other coupons were deducted (including a $2 Extra Bucks coupon that printed out today when I scanned my card), I paid $1.02 out of pocket. And then I also got a $5 register reward for buying the razor.

My stargazer lilies are in bloom. Too bad they don't spread like my yardsale daylilies. Several years ago I bought a container of daylilies at a yardsale and they have spread like crazy. Oye - that reminds me I bought another container of a different kind of lilies last year at a yardsale and I still haven't put them in the ground. Gotta do that.

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Hillary said...

I LOVE reading your blog. I swear I am Soooo jelous of all the cool deals that you get! You rock!!