Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yardsale buys and ebay selling

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My house is about to explode from my shopping trips so I gotta resume selling on ebay. I put up a few auctions the other day (including stuff I bought yesterday). I already have a $51 bid on the $2 Bose Equalizer I bought yesterday and $19.99 for the Coors Light Beer tap (I paid $2 for).

I've been making excuses for not doing any eBay selling lately (had visitors coming, having to clean house for that, trips to NY, etc etc). So now I got nothing going on until Christmas so I should have stuff constantly listed until then. If not, you all need to start giving me crap about being lazy and not listing anything. But I don't really think I am "lazy", it's just that I like doing the shopping part a lot better than the selling part.

The link to my ebay auctions is over there to the left.

Above is a pic and video of what I bought yesterday. And I left out a bunch of little stuff. Also bought a Game Boy Advance with 4 games for $5 (will resell on ebay or Play N Trade). I love the Swiss Gear rolling computer case for $4. Seller originally had $20 on it, then reduced to $10, then $7, and then $4 according to the price stickers on it. It was a moving sale, and they had other sales over the summer so I think it was something that hadn't sold at previous sales. She said her husband never used it, but inside I found several of his business cards AND 2 rechargeable batteries (which we use). The sale was a little off the beaten path so that is why I think it hadn't sold earlier.

Another good buy was at one yardsale where nothing was priced. I gathered up a stack of 10 vintage pennants (Washington Senators, Baltimore Colts etc), an unused Revell model, a Washington Senators mini-bat, and a vintage Cleveland Browns pillow. When I asked the price, the seller asked if $3 for it all would be too much. Nope, not at all.


Jeb said...

The pennants and sports stuff was a nice pick up! That's the kind of stuff I like to find at sales as well.

Keira said...

i love the nursery switchplate. i did my daughters nursery in similar pieces. I believe it is an Irmi.