Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Assroted Winter Wear at my Walgreens

Well let's catch up for the past few days. I had a good dental visit - no probs. I went to some thrift stores (as usual). I passed on buying Assroted Winter Wear at Walgreens.

I won free tickets to an event called Boo at the Zoo - $25/ticket trick or treating event at the National Zoo in DC. For that price, I think they are going to being giving out *nice* free samples and stuff. So if the weather is nice, I'm gonna force DH to drive us to DC (the free tickets also came with a parking pass) this weekend. I don't like driving to DC, I mean, I've done it before, but avoid it if I can.

Speaking of assroted winter wear, I did buy a coat at Smile today. Too small for me, but I had to buy it (for ebay). I just loved the labels on it (at the neckline it said "wear in good health" and the other inside label said this:

Health to wear this -
strength to tear this -
and wealth to buy a new one

Hopefully, when I put it on ebay, it will increase my wealth. I paid $4 for it.

Nothing much going on really. I need to get more ebay stuff listed.


Anonymous said...

assroted. interesting word. make it up?

Chris at said...

No, Walgreens did.

lisa said...

Man, I wish I would have seen that. Wonder if the sign is still there? :)