Thursday, October 15, 2009

Surprise surprise - I went thrifting today

DH gets back from his Vegas mancation later tonight. And surprise, I continued to do some shopping today.

I went back to Penney's to get more of the underwear that I bought on Monday (I bought 3 pair for $1.27 each.) I wanted to make sure I had the right size and make sure I liked them before I bought more. Well they were all gone. You snooze, you lose. And I lost. On Monday, I should have bought some, then taken them into the ladie's room to try to them on to make sure I liked them. Then I could have gone back and stocked up that day. Oh well. I didn't buy anything there today. Just goes to show you, timing is everything when you find a bargain.

Near the Penney's is a very small independent grocery store so I stopped in since I saw a big "one day meat sale" sign. Didn't buy any meat. But I did buy this:

This reminds me of my childhood - while growing up, I used to eat this all time. Just spread on a Ritz crackers and enjoy. My regular big chain grocery stores don't sell this. It was $2.89 for 5 oz. But of course, you get a free drinking glass :) As a kid, that is what we used - either these little glasses or else it was a Welch's grape jelly "Archie's" glass.

I think I am going to just make my own version - I think I can just take some cream cheese, sugar, salt and some pineapple and blend it all together using my $8 KitchenAid mixer.

And some of the other stuff I bought today:

$5 old printer's wall decoration/display thing
$2 Marilyn Monroe paper dolls
.25 Jungle Book (Jacob is into this movie lately)
.50 Registered Nut House sign
$1 each - tacky vintage potholder decoration dolls. Totally useless since the potholders are so loosely knitted that if you used them, you would burn your hand on whatever you are holding
$1 Art S. Buck nude male artist model (this should sell well on ebay)
.25 small Bath & Body works container (will gift it this Xmas season - I have some travel B&BW products that I received free so I can put them in it)
.25 vintage tablecloth package
$1 Nautica tie for DH.
.25 Mr. Rogers talks about divorce book
.25 each Martha Stewart Food Magazines
.25 Adorn magazine
$1.50 Ipod Nano metal case. I think this will fit DH's nano.


lisa said...

I remember those Kraft spreads too. My favorite was the pimento!


EM said...

I remember those Archies jelly glasses! We had a bunch of them when I was a kid. I liked the way that different colors of Kool-aid changed the whole look of the scene on the glass.