Sunday, October 18, 2009

It's ain't easy being Queen

As yardsalequeen, not only do I have to deal with regular spam, I get other emails that are intended for others - for people who have a very similar yardsalequeen related email address. But they goof it up and use MY address as their own, or else they think they know someone's email address but instead put mine. And then there are people so out of it that they think my address is theirs and they don't even know their own correct email.


Today I got a Southwest ticket confirmation sent to my yardsalequeen hotmail address - apparently for Nancy B. who is flying from Nashville to Jacksonville on December 3 and returning on December 6. She paid $202.70 and put it on her Visa. Maybe I should do the ticketless check-in for her when the time is ready.

A person named Lori from Lincoln County High School in Nebraska signed up on and used my yardsalequeen address. So now I get updates from Classmates regarding the goings-on at Lincoln High School. That reminds me, I need to update Lori's profile there again and let people know her latest adventures.

I got an invitation from to attend Debbie and Ron's 30th Anniversary Party in Eugene, Oregon. I don't know Debbie and Ron in Eugene, Oregon (or whatever it was). On the site you get to say whether you are a "yes" "no" or "maybe". I put myself as a "maybe" since I said I was ready for a roadtrip and liked free food. Shortly afterward they rescinded my invitation (those party poopers!)

Wendy in Murfreesboro, Tennessee sent me this pic (along with several others) of her and her new boyfriend since she thought I would be interested in seeing him. I replied back "WHO are you???" She told me to disregard. And shame on Wendy for using her work email for non-work related purposes!!!!

It rained all weekend. I went to one rain or shine yardsale yesterday and spent $5. Got: 2 shirts for me, a set of 6 decorative shotglasses, a Weight Watchers scale (ebay), a metal thing for outside that moves in the wind (NOT a windchime. windchimes = noise pollution) and a commemorative local coin from 1984.


EM said...

At least you've got a sense of humor about all the mis-directed mail!

Mme.G said...

I get a lot of this, too. Last summer, someone's husband was trying to get in touch with "me" while "I" was on a business trip - even called me 'lovey'. I never opened the attachment, and probably a good thing, too.

I also got signed up for Binghamton University's alumni association, so I'm receiving all sorts of great tidbits.

Donna in Warrenton, VA said...

Hi Queen,

I'm reading a book that you need to check out. The Sweet Potato Queen's cookbook and financial tips guide (something like that). Since it's written by a queen I thought you might be able to pick up some queenly tips. These are southern queens so some of the info may not be appropriate for a northern queen but it's hilarious!