Friday, May 01, 2009

Literally - a Giant Yardsale

One of my grocery stores - Giant Food is holding a *giant* yardsale in their parking lot tomorrow. It better be giant or else I will complain about false advertising. I will definitely be there since I want to get great deals wile supporting a great cause.

Anniversary dinner was excellent - ate at diGiovannis and had chicken parmigiana (and yes we used a coupon). Afterward DH said he wanted to get an ice cream for dessert. Don't need to twist my arm. So we stopped at Baskin-Robbins, but they were doing their .31 scoop night so the line was out the door. Then figured we could just stop at this little combo video store/comic book store/ice cream place near our house. They closed at 8pm. It may have been God's way of saying "Chris - you just ate a million calories - you don't NEED any ice cream tonight!!!" But I took it as a challenge. So ended up going home and microwaving some yummy Nestle Turtle cookies to warm them up and then putting some BOGO Breyer's vanilla ice cream on top with caramel sauce.

The wedding anniversary is the beginning of my 3 weeks of gift receiving. Next up is my birthday. Then Mother's Day. I began my birthday celebrating today by having my free Homewrecker burrito at Moes. If you sign up for their email club, you get a email for a free entree during your birthday week. I should be getting an email from Red Robin too for a free hamburger.

And I got a postcard from Red Hot and Blue for free pulled pork platter in honor of my birthday. I don't dig on swine. (well I do, but I just like saying that. You wouldn't believe the # of times I've gotten to say "I don't dig on swine" in the past few weeks. And it has NOTHING to do with the whole swine flu thing. It's a movie reference, a GREAT movie reference.

And sometime during May I need to go up to the gambling place that is not a gambling place Rod N Reel and use the $20 in free play at the pseudo-slots that they sent me in honor of my BD.

Rain, rain go away!

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