Saturday, May 02, 2009

I've been a victim of Yardsale False Advertising

Above is the Giant Yardsale I went to today. Not giant at all, not even huge. But I give them credit, it's not very often that you see a grocery store having a yardsale with donations from employees. It's more common just for them to permit some other fundraising group to come in and use a portion of their parking lot for a sale (which is good too). I spent $1.

I hit some other sales but I really wanted to get to a sale that I saw advertised on craiglist as "not your average yardsale". And I got excited when I saw the signs:

Too small to read? Here you go:

Yes, you read that right. !Best Ever Yard Sale!

Woo Hoo!!!! Then I got there. Heavy sigh. Later today I went back and read the ad, they didn't have a time posted in their ad, but hey, if the signs are up, they mean business and should be ready to wheel and deal.

Fortunately, they did step it up and got lots of boxes unloaded from the house in a quick manner. Maybe they meant it was going to be their best ever yardsale, not mine as a shopper. But the seller was very nice and I managed to spend around $4.75 there.

In the afternoon the family unit went to the local museum for their free weekend event with special demonstrations and displays etc. Jacob likes see the Chesapeake Bay dog retrievers do their demonstration where their trainers throw the decoy into the water and the dogs jump in and retrieve it. In years past, the museum got some good ole boys with their hunting dogs to do the demonstration. They were definitely rough around the edges (I couldn't even understand them when they talked - the men, not the dogs) and had a bunch of dogs and would throw the decoys in from different spots along the boardwalk. But today they just had one woman with one dog. I think she threw the decoy in for a grand total of about 5 times.

After seeing the dog, we walked to the boatmaking building and I got excited when I saw this sign:

But all they had was a sad table with a toaster oven, a fire extinguisher and a box of hardware.

Now NEXT weekend is one of my fav church yardsales.


Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your Birthday!

Anonymous said...

That Black & Decker toaster oven on the table is worth big bucks on eBay! I would have bought it and flipped it. :)

lindsey said...

Hi...that was my yard sale, actually, and the times were posted on every sign except the secondary ones giving directions to the house. If you looked around the community, they were clearly listed as 9-2. From what I understand, you stopped by before the posted time, which is cool, but if you recall, it was also drizzly and we were not wanting to set it all up way ahead of time and then have the skies open up. *shrug* That was just my line of reasoning. Anyway, next time i will have times on ALL of the signs, and thanks for shopping with us.

Chris said...

Hi Lindsey - I didn't see any times on the signs or the craiglist ad so I figured it was supposed to start at 8am. So for not supposed to be open til 9am, you guys did great.

And you gotta understand, I have really high expectations for the best yardsale ever. like finding gold bullions for .50, diamonds for .10 and so on :)